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Ivan Grohar Gallery, 5.11. - 26.11.2015

The decline of industry, impoverishment of workers, deception of the people, and on the other hand, the accumulation of capital, abuse of positions of power and lust for authority, are the scenes which we now face at almost every step. And even though at times one may feel that this is only taking place behind the closed doors of certain circles, the consequences of these actions are spreading and dominating our living space as a whole. This is what the latest project by Metod Frlic talks about. Through the metaphor of a unique performance in an ambiental installation at the exhibition, he is pointing the finger precisely at this very cruel and true fact about the imbalance of power and capital, which wo could once onlx read and "dream" about, whereas now it has unfortunately finally also occupied the Slovenian arena. 

His main piece, The Limbs of the Nation's Body or Guys You've Blown It is a direct response to the situation within Slovenian and global society, which is dominated by a handful of privileged people, who are brutally undermining ordinary man on their path to much "loftier ambitions". Behind all these great stories about the privatization or disappearance of Slovenian factories and products, lies the fate of people and their families. And all this has not bypassed Metod Frlic. This is where the artist draws from his own experience of living through the given situation since he has always understood Slovenian factories and products as part of the collective consciousness and own identity. He was proud of Elan, Iskra, Planika, Litostroj, Toper... of the successes of the place in which he was born and raised that once positively pinpointed and were part of the life of all the generations of the time. Now he is asking himself: What can be salvaged from the ashes? What will we be able to identify with in the future?

(Barbara Sterle Vurnik, from the exhibition catalogue)

METOD FRLIC was born in 1965. He studied for his BA in the Department of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana, and received his MA at the same institution in 1996. In 2008, he was the recipient of the Award for Exceptional Artistic Quality from the University of Ljubljana. He has traveled extensively throughout the world since completing high school, taking up residence in Germany in 1995 and in Japan in 2000 for academic purposes. Frlic has participated in numerous international symposiums on sculpture, including in Austria, Hungary, Italy, United Arab Emirates, China, Greece, Croatia and Slovenia. Since 2009 he has been lecturing at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where he also lives.

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