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Kitchenware from the Komun (photo: Jože Štukl).
The exhibited material was found in 1972 when the Ljubljana Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage under the leadership of Marijan Slabe and Jože Oman carried out protective excavations in the area of the Komun.

The excavation revealed architectural remains of a building from the gothic period. Deposits of soil that filled the yard on which the building once stood included various remains of the material culture from the medieval and post-medieval period. Individual finds were scattered over the entire field of excavation, however a large concentration of findings was found in the north-western corner of the yard, where they discovered a waste pit in which the material was piled up over a long period of time.

The findings mainly consist of kitchen or fireplace ware which include big dishes with thick walls, saucepans of different sizes, small and large pots with lids, various bowls, platters and plates decorated with a wavy line. Among the ceramic material special attention should be given to the beautifully decorated bases of earthen stoves, a large brazier and simply formed unglazed and glazed pots and flat stove tiles.

Objects for everyday use, parts of the traditional costume and objects for personal hygiene (photo: Jože Štukl).
Richer metal findings that belong to the horseman’s equipment include two saddle stirrups of a rhombic shape with an iron core and a richly decorated bronze cover with traces of gilding. Among the objects for everyday use we can find parts of cutlery (spoons), objects for personal hygiene/care (brushes of bone), parts of the traditional costume (iron cramps, a comb, a needle, a round flat button, a decorated copper thimble),

dung fork with remains of a wooden handle. (photo: Jože Štukl).
parts of window glazing (leaden frames with inserted blown glass pieces) and various tools (a dung fork, a part of a hoe, a sickle, a hammer, iron wedges, hooks and nails of different shapes and sizes).

The exhibited material from the Komun has a large time-span, objects date from the 16th. to the 18th. and even 19th. centuries.

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