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He was born in 1851 in Poljane, and died in 1923 in Ljubljana. He was well known storyteller, politician and economist. After school leaving examination in Ljubljana, he studied law in Vienna (1871-1875). He was awarded a doctorate in 1877 and in 1884 he opened a lawyer's office in Ljubljana. A member of the liberal-orientated Narodna napredna stranka (National Progressive Party), he was a M.P. in Carniola Provincial Assembly and in the State Assembly of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, also a burgomaster of Ljubljana between 1911 and 1921. With the purchase of Visoko (1893) he returned to his native Poljanska dolina, which he described in his literary works (»Med gorami / Slike iz loškega pogorja« ('In the Mountains / Pictures from the Loka Mountain Chain'), 'Cvetje v jeseni' ('Flowers in Autumn'). The last and the most famous work, an historical novel 'Visoška kronika' ('Chronicle of Visoko') he wrote as if under the pen of Izidor Kalan who, as the eldest son is the heir of Visoko, but he renounces it after the fatal witch trial in 1695 in Škofja Loka; he also renounces his beloved Agata, who was saved from the waves of the torrential Sora river by his younger brother Jurij. Exhibited in the Museum are the portrait of Tavčar from 1923, made by the academic painter Ivan Vavpotiè, a picture of the house where he was born, a selection of his literary works and the writer's working table – a baroque 18th. century tabernacle chest. On display there is also the heritage of Kalan's lineage, which continued on Visoko for 250 years: painted 18th. century rustic furniture, portraits of the last two Visoko people, Ana and Janez Kalan, a forged iron chest– the family safe.

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