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The comb-making trade was brought to Škofja Loka by oral tradition through Tolmin people and Vipava Valley people in the first half of the 18th. century. There were six comb-makers in the town in 1758  from who one was a proprietor, the rest were tenants. In the first half of the 19th. century there were six comb-making workshops in Škofja Loka and sorroundings; three in the town and three in neighbouring Puštal. Later those very Puštal's comb-makers became the main practitioners of this trade. So there were already nine comb-making workshops in Puštal, one more in Škofja Loka and one at Stari Dvor at the end of the 19th. century. In the second half of the 20th. century this trade died away. Looking at the whole picture: 289 comb-makers were operating in the period from the middle of the 18th. century to the middle of the 20th. century in Loka territory. Combs were made of ox and wether horns, which they were buying in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria, and selling them to the traders in Ljubljana, Kranj, Maribor, Zagreb, Karlovec, Leskovec, Varaždin, Trieste and in Wien. Besides combs they produced also spoons, bone fork's handles, horns (whetstone holders) , horse combs and walking sticks.  
•  photo.: Comb-making Collection (D/606)
• photo.: Sawing the comb's teeth with a special saw, called »kampež«. (7830)
• photo.: A woman is combing her hair with a comb. The detail from the Sv. Nedelja fresco in the church  at Crngrob pri Škofji Loki, around 1460. (M/4065)

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