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The diet of the majority of inhabitants in Loka territory was once very  monotonous. They ate mainly mealy dishes: groats (buckwheat's, millet's, barley's), hard-boiled corn mush, 'štruklji' (pies) and drank juice. Bread from white wheat flour was on the table only at big festivals. Then they also baked 'potica', flat cake and fried 'bobi' and 'flancati'. Vegetable-wise they consumed beans, broad beans, peas, cabbage and sauerkraut, turnip, carrots and kohlrabi. Potatoes came only in the 19th. century. Fruits, mainly plums, pears, apples and cherries were consumed fresh, cooked (baked) or dried. They pressed fruit also as cider or made schnapps from it. They also enhanced their menu with wild fruits. Milk was consumed fresh or made into cheese, cottage cheese or fresh butter. Meat was rarely on the table except for the wealthy  folk. The best known of Loka's foods is: 'loška smojka', 'loška medla', baked groats, 'loška mešanca' ('Loka mix'). They scooped the food from common bowls with wooden spoons. Metal tableware - cutlery and plates - started to be used in rural areas not until the beginning of the 20th. century. Various ceramic, iron and wooden dishes for cooking and keeping of food or drinks, and the kitchen tools are exhibited in showcases. At the shrine from 1719 are two 'neèka' (kneading-troughs) in which they kneaded bread and two 'pehar' (round straw baskets).
•  photo.: Diet Collection
• photo.: The Ursulins of Škofja Loka organised a six month agricultural - housework school on Loka Castle in 1937. (5695)
•  photo.: Baking bread. Detail from the Sv. Nedelja fresco in the church in Crngrob near Škofja Loka, from 1460. (M/4044)

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