The aim of the Škofja Loka Museum is to make cultural heritage accessible to as many people as possible, including vulnerable social groups. Unfortunately, our efforts are somewhat constrained by the physical properties and limitations of the rooms within the Škofja Loka Castle, which houses the Museum.

Free Entry

Visitors with special needs have free entry to the Museum.

Dog-Accessible Museum

Dogs are allowed to accompany their owners when visiting the museum, and there is also a place prepared for them where they can wait while their owners visit the exhibitions.

Access to the Castle

Disabled visitors and visitors with physical impairments can access the Museum by car. Other visitors are kindly asked to leave their vehicles in the public car parks in the vicinity of the Old Town, and make their way to the Castle on foot.

Access for Visitors with Disabilities

A wheelchair ramp is installed at the entrance to the museum. Wheelchair-accessible collections are located on the Castle's ground floor (Škofja Loka Dominion, Castles, Town, Guilds, Ivan and Franja Tavčar, The Museum Living Room with Interactive Content, Museum Shop, Twenty and Twenty-First Century Art Collection).

The Ivan Grohar Gallery, located in the Old Town (​Mestni trg 37) is fully accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.

Access for Groups

The Castle is not accessible by bus. Bus parking is available in town.

Toilet Facilities

The Museum's toilet facilities are unfortunately not wheelchair-accessible.