Past events

20 oct Wed
Free entry

Art historian Nina Misson will talk about Mlakar's life and work with the photographer's son, artist Simon Mlakar. This will be followed by a screening of the documentary film The Charmed Life of Tone Mlakar (2017) directed by Marko Cvejić.

9 oct Sat
9. 10. 2021 @ 10:00

Fairytale in the Gallery

Škopar's House
Free entry

How boring our planet Earth would be if we didn’t share it with animals! Be it hairy, feathered, slimy or bristly - in the fairy-tale world, animals, just like humans, can be fun, jealous, twisted, loving.

8 oct Fri
8. 10. 2021 @ 17:00

From Grain to Bread

Bread baking workshop

Škopar's House
Free entry

Your are kindly invited to a bread baking workshop taking place at the Škopar's Hourse as part of this year's European Cultural Heritage Days and the Naša kuhna project.

6 oct Wed
6. 10. 2021 @ 19:00

The Miraculous Power of Women

A storytelling evening at the Škopar House

Škopar's House
Free entry

Join us for a storytelling evening! Four women of different generations bring more than four different women’s stories and fairy tales. They gave their heroines a voice to step out of the shadows and talk about women’s destinies.

24 sep Fri

The national costume is originally a peasant holiday dress, which began to develop as a costume for special occasions in the middle of the 19th century among nationally conscious merchants and townspeople, and in the 1970s as a special form of manifesting Sloveneness became established among the peasant population.

15 sep Wed
15. 9. 2021 @ 18:00

Wickerwork – A Braid of Tradition

Exhibition Opening

Free entry

You are kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition Wickerwork – a braid of tradition, which will begin at 6.00 pm in the Arts & Crafts Centre DUO Škofja Loka and continue in the Round Tower of the Škofja Loka Castle.

8 sep Wed
8. 9. 2021 @ 18:00

Artist Talk: Simon Mlakar

Accompanying programme of the exhibition This is Our Universe

Free entry

The Ivan Grohar Gallery will host a talk with Simon Mlakar, a versatile artist and member of the Škofja Loka Artists' Association, whose latest spatial installation This is Our Universe is currently on view at the at the gallery. The talk will be led by the exhibition curator Boštjan Soklič.

4 sep Sat
4. 9. 2021 @ 10:00

Photo Workshop: Camera Obscura with Janez Pelko

Accompanying programme of the Photo Loka exhibition

Free entry

As part of the accompanying program of the Photo Loka exhibition, we invite you to a camera obscura workshop, led by photographer Janez Pelko. The short introductory lecture will be followed by the practical part of making a camera, taking photos, developing photos in the darkroom and reviewing the final products.

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