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Past events

23 nov Sat
Free entry

Once a month, we meet at the Ivan Grohar Gallery, where we listen to the story tellers. This time we will listen to the fairy tales that Katja Pinter Željko, a librarian, story-lover, has gathered for us. She has been narrating ever since she started to work at he library. She says good stories enrich us. Together with her we will embark on a journey into the world of fairy tales and discover what fairy tales, dragons, princesses, tigers and kings with dirty feet have to say to us.

The event is being prepared in collaboration with the Grable Cultural Society.

22 nov Fri
Free entry

On November 22, the Breja preja Knitting Community invites you to the opening of the exhibition My Knit Color Pallet: Travels, inspired by trips of all kinds - from dream and long distance to trips not far away. Until November 29, the exhibition will be on display in the Museum Living Room of the Škofja Loka Museum.

20 nov Wed
20. 11. 2019 @ 19:00

40 years of the Škofja Loka Artist Association

Škofja Loka Castle
Free entry

An overview exhibition of the 40th anniversary of the Association of Artists of Škofja Loka is part of a year-long museum project in 2019. The purpose of the exhibition is to comprehensively present the artistic creativity of the members of the association from its founding to the present. The exhibition emphasizes the importance of ZUŠL members for the cultural and artistic life of Škofja Loka and its surroundings and presents a wide range of their activities. The exhibition includes all members of the association. 72 artists with more than 140 works of art are represented. We selected two pieces from each author, one earlier and the other later. In our selection we focused on artistic consistency, content persuasiveness and originality. Our goal is not to present the complete oeuvres of the authors, nor to highlight more attractive or monumental works. We emphasize what best reflects the author's artistic development within his own practice. We have placed works of art in the Castle Gallery, and some, in terms of content, also include permanent collections, a chapel and a museum living room. The curators of the exhibition are Barbara Sterle Vurnik and Boštjan Soklič.

9 nov Sat
Free entry

We kindly invite you to the public guided tour of the exhibition Celebrating with us with the curator of the exhibition Biljana Ristić.

At the exhibition, these societies and schools which this year celebrate different anniverries are presented with a brief description of several decades of development, a wide range of activities and events. Through their work and cooperation with the immediate and wider surroundings, they enrich the life of the Diocese of Loka. From its beginnings, in the development, local and international integration, and with numerous successes, in the decades of its activity, they became the constant and the spiritualus of the cultural and sports beats of Škofja Loka.

4 nov Mon
4. 11. 2019 @ 19:30

Loka da Camera

Castle Nocturno

Škofja Loka Castle Chapel

The first of the concerts of this year's Loka da Camera Festival invites top chamber musicians into its midst. During the break there will be a guided tour of the Škofja Loka Museum. The program will feature works by N. Paganini, F. Carulli, J. S. Bach and A. Vivaldi.

29 oct Tue
Free entry

This year, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Škofja Loka Museum, the study circle focuses on exploring the museum workers that worked here in the past. The circle is led by curator Biljana Ristić. The study circle is an open-ended study group, and everyone who is interested in the topic presented is invited to participate and is ready to devote some of their time to research under the mentorship of Biljana Ristić.

23 oct Wed
23. 10. 2019 @ 19:00

A narrative evening for adults

Škopar's House
Free entry

In myths and fairy tales, gods love mortals, powerful men love even more powerful women, stupid love smarts, and the knight finds the answer to what a woman wants most. A loving longing overcomes Aphrodite's anger and a woman's anger finds a ladder to hell. With a kiss, a green frog can become a desirable prince and a dumb boy best man. It may be so, we do not know, but we will find out at a fairy tale evening with fairy tales from all over the world how the smart, the powerful, the beautiful, the ugly and the stupid find sometimes what they want and many times what they need. Humorous, mythical or miraculous love stories from all over the world will connect us to an enjoyable experience.

12 oct Sat
12. 10. 2019

Autumn Family Day

Škofja Loka Castle
Free entry

We invite you to an autumn gathering for families prepared by European volunteers, who are included in this year's ESE project in Škofja Loka at the Zavod O and Familija. At the stalls you will discover different European autumn traditions, taste some autumn-inspired culinary delicacies and awake your creativity.

5 oct Sat
Free entry

In the company of curator Mojca Šifrer Bulovec, we will take a look at the Carniolan bee educational trail and the beekeeping collection. We will get acquainted with the history of beekeeping and cultural heritage in connection with bees, get to know the bee family and peek into their homes - bee hives. We will learn about bee products and the role that honey bees play in plant pollination. We will point out the great threat to honey bees in today's world and what each of us can do to preserve them for the next generation. The event is being prepared in cooperation with the Škofja Loka Beekeepers' Association.

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