Franja Tavčar Personally

1. 7. 2022 @ 17:30
Free entry

Franja Tavčar (1868–1938) came from a rich middle-class family in Ljubljana. She was married to the writer Dr. Ivan Tavčar, and she went down in history as an influential national lady of the then Slovenian (and wider) area. A dedicated social worker, humanitarian, fighter for women's rights, patron of young artists and, last but not least, a lady from Visoko Mansion, she left her mark in many areas with her life and work. In the lecture, we will get to know her not only as an actress of social, humanitarian and humanitarian actions, but we will also try to remove her private life, her relationship with Ivan and outline her life in Visoko.

The event is organized in cooperation with Zavod Poljanska dolina.

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