Symposium Ive Šubic – Artist and Spiritus Movens

3. 12. 2022 @ 10:00
Round Tower, Škofja Loka Museum
Free entry

The symposium Ive Šubic - artist and spiritus movens will shed light on the importance of Šubic's artistic and cultural work from several perspectives.

10:00-11:00 am
Guided tour of the exhibition Ive Šubic – Illustrator and Cultural Worker with the curator Petra Čeh

11:15 am-12:40 pm
Introductory address by Saša Nabergoj, director of the Škofja Loka Museum

Round table Ive Šubic – artist and cultural worker

Participants: Nadja Zgonik (Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design), Suzi Bricelj (Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design), Tina Fortič Jakopič (Museum of Recent History of Slovenia), Petra Čeh (Loska Museum), Saša Nabergoj (Loska Museum)

12.40-1.00 pm

1:00–2:30 pm
Round table Ive Šubic privately

Participants: Maja Šubic and Nives Lunder (relatives), Simon Mlakar and Herman Gvardjančič (artists, former presidents of ZUŠL)