From Fleece to Wool

From Fleece to Wool

Škofja Loka Museum, Round Tower
14 Sep 2021–1 Jan 2023

Arts and Crafts Centre DUOŠkofja Loka
14 Sep – 15 Oct 2022

Opening of both exhibitions: 14 Septemnber at 6.00 pm

The exhibition presents an overview of the history of sheep farming in the Škofja Loka area. Sheep farming has always been closely connected with weaving and spinning as sheep’s wool is the most suitable animal fibre for thread making. The exhibition features Škofja Loka Museum's archival materials related to sheep farming and processing of sheep’s wool, as well as the results of research into the history of these activities in the Škofja Loka area. It also presents sheep-related folklore since sheep, as one of the most important domestic animals, often appear in traditional sayings, tales and folk poems, as well as play a prominent role in Christian symbolism and related fine arts. The exhibition at the Arts & Crafts Center of Škofja Loka will present wool as a material, its properties and the steps of its processing, and was created in collaboration with the handicraftswomen Bojana Ažman, Anja Musek, Darja Rant, Ladka Peneš, Lucija Tičar, Petra Vengar and Tatjana Švab.

Various processes – from obtaining the woollen fleece of a sheep to the traditional hand dyeing of wool – are described in the handbook titled Wool and also presented in an educational film. Field research and documentation of wool processing processes in the Škofja Loka area and the wider Gorenjska region was conducted under the charge of the Sora Development Agency.


Rural development | European Commission (

The content is part of the Roko-delci project; within the area of the Loško Pogorje LAG, this project brings together the Loško Pogorje Local Action Group, the Sora Development Agency (Arts & Crafts Center of Škofja Loka), the Škofja Loka Museum and the Škofja Loka Chamber of Craft and Small Business.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Republic of Slovenia under the 2014–2020 Rural Development Programme.

The managing authority designated to implement the 2014–2020 Rural Development Programme is the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia. Responsibility for the content of the exhibition lies with the Škofja Loka Museum and the Sora Development Agency (Arts & Crafts Center of Škofja Loka).

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