Škofja Loka Museum strives to make cultural heritage accessible to the widest possible circle of visitors.

  • Visitors with mobility impairments:
    The Castle Gallery is accessible to visitors with mobility impairments. Portable ramps can be fitted during any museum visit to allow visitors to access the exhibition space in an easier and safer way.
  • Visitors with reading difficulties:
    In cooperation with Zavod Risa, we have prepared an easy-to-read summary for each exhibition chapter.
  • Blind and partially sighted visitors:
    There are brailled text summaries and tactile objects that visitors can touch. These objects are equipped with brailled captions and descriptions.
  • Deaf visitors and visitors with a hearing impairment:
    The video content titled “Explained by an Expert” features subtitles in Slovenian for deaf visitors and visitors with a hearing impairment.