From Museum Depots: Ive Šubic

From Museum Depots: Ive Šubic <em>Photo: Janez Pelko</em>
From Museum Depots: Ive Šubic Photo: Janez Pelko

Permanent art history collection
23 April 2022–7 May 2023

Curator: Petra Čeh

A selection of eleven of a total of ninety-three works by Ive Šubic (1922–1989) that are part of the museum collections are on display to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the most prominent twentieth-century artists from the Škofja Loka area.

The exhibition includes several drawings, paintings and prints. Most of the exhibited works depict Partisan-related subjects, such as the Battle of Dražgoše, columns of Partisans, Partisan runners, and similar World War II themes. An important part of Šubic’s painting oeuvre are landscapes, which are mostly idealised depictions of his birthplace, the Poljane Valley or the surrounding hills. Some of the drawings kept by the museum are sketches of public monuments.