Windows of Imagination

Windows of Imagination

Ivan Grohar Gallery
25 November 2023–14 January 2024

The Windows of Imaginations, sales exhibitions of artists and craftsmen, are opening again this year!

The exhibition will begin on Saturday, November 25, 2023. At sixteen locations in the town centre of Škofja Loka you will be able to view and buy products from Loka creators from 9 a. m. onwards.

Support the local artists and craftsmen by buying this year's gifts! Let’s make sure we give each other locally made, quality and modern gifts - visit the Windows of Imagination!

Ivan Grohar Gallery

On view: Products and souvenirs from the Museum Shop, inspired by the collections and exhibitions of the Škofja Loka Museum, and artworks made by local artists. 

Tue., Thu., Sat., Sun.: 10 am–2 pm
Wed.: 10 am–5 pm
Fri.: 1–5 pm

Facebook: Izložbe domišljije Škofja Loka
Instagram: @izlozbe_domisljije

Windows of Imagination coordinator:
Arts & Crafts Centre of Škofja Loka
T: 04 51 12 460 & 040 769 521