Art Historical Collections

Fine Art of the Second Half of the 20th Cent. and the 21st Cent.

The permanent Art Collection of the second half of the 20th century and the 21st century contains a selection of artworks by artists related to the town of Škofja Loka and the surrounding area.

Castle Chapel

The Castle Chapel features four golden Baroque altars from the pilgrimage Church of St Lucy (in Dražgoše), the patron saint of the blind and sick children, namely St Anne's Altar, St Ingenuin's Altar, St Lucy's Altar and St Anthony of Padua's Altar. The four gilded wooden altars are some of the most elaborate Slovenian golden altars. They feature ornate carvings and illustrate the development of the local carver's trade in the 17th century.

In addition to the altars from Dražgoše, the chapel's dome and walls are adorned with frescoes depicting biblical scenes and a veduta of Škofja Loka with some Ursuline sisters. The frescoes were painted by Anton Jebačin during World War II and commissioned by the Ursulines, who owned the castle at the time.

Art History Collection from the 19th Cent. and the First Half of the 20th Cent.

The Art History Collection on the first floor of the Museum covers the art of the 19th-century realism and the modernist paintings of the first half of the 20th century. It presents those artists from Škofja Loka and the surrounding area that are the key figures of Slovenian art history.

Medieval Art Collection

The medieval art section consists of replicas of frescoes from the churches in the local area, i.e. in Crngrob, in Suha and on Križna Gora. The churches boast Gothic frescoes and are thus among the most important Slovenian medieval cultural monuments. The most notable of the featured replicas is a replica of the Holy Sunday fresco from the Church of the Annunciation in Crngrob.

Chapel in the Škofja Loka Castle <em>Photo: Janez Pelko</em>
Chapel in the Škofja Loka Castle Photo: Janez Pelko
Medieval art Collection <em>Photo: Janez Pelko</em>
Medieval art Collection Photo: Janez Pelko
+2Golden altars from the succursal church of St Lucia in Dražgoše
Golden altars from the succursal church of St Lucia in Dražgoše
Ivan Grohar <em>Photo: Janez Pelko</em>
Ivan Grohar <em>Photo: Janez Pelko</em>