Ivan in Franja Tavčar Collection

Ivan and Franja Tavčar Collection

The collection presents the famed Slovenian writer, politician and a prominent figure in the world of economy Ivan Tavčar (1851–1923) from the village of Poljane nad Škofjo Loko, and his wife Franja Tavčar (1868–1938), a political activist and humanitarian. Some of the most notable features of the collection are a cradle gifted to Franja Tavčar by the House of Karađorđević and a well-stocked library from the Visoko Mansion in the Poljane Valley, where Ivan and Franja spent their free time.

Visoko Furniture

Ivan and Franja Tavčar bought the Visoko Mansion in 1893, after it had been in possession of the Kalan family for several centuries. Tavčar described the family's history in his well-known novel titled Visoška kronika (The Visoko Chronicle). As part of the collection, visitors can see the furniture from the mansion, portraits of the last two Kalan family members and a wrought-iron trunk, which doubled as the family's strongbox.

Zbirka Ivan in Franja Tavčar <em>Photo: Janez Pelko</em>
Zbirka Ivan in Franja Tavčar Photo: Janez Pelko
Visoško pohištvo <em>Photo: Janez Pelko</em>
Visoško pohištvo Photo: Janez Pelko
+2Visoško pohištvo <em>Photo: Janez Pelko</em>
Visoško pohištvo Photo: Janez Pelko
Franja Tavčar <em>Photo: Biljana Ristić</em>
Ivan Tavčar <em>Photo: Biljana Ristić</em>